Expectation Management

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Real Estate

If you’ve experienced any kind of Real Estate Transaction, you can come to appreciate that proper expectations along the process are pretty important to a pleasurable experience. I guess the same could be said about most things in life. Knowing something will happen, or at least expecting something could happen is the opposite of chaos, and few are comfortable in chaos.

This is why it’s fundamentally important to align yourself with a Real Estate professional who has the professional skill set to communicate effective expectations regarding the process. Their ability to explain the process and what will happen, as well as what could happen, can mean all the difference in your perception of a pleasurable transaction, or a relative disaster.

It’s a particular skill set not possessed by some and managed even worse by others. When you are working with a Realtor with exceptional expectation setting skills, you’ll feel empowered throughout the process, as you’ll constantly understand your position in the transaction. Which is a very powerful thing. You’ll understand the why for things as well as the how, and you’ll truly be able to make informed decisions throughout the process.

So just food for thought for the next time you are thinking about buying or selling. If you’ve already had experience in Real Estate transactions, try to remember if the experience was pleasurable (from a standpoint of understanding where you were relative to the process), and how your Broker communicated to you, and how you felt throughout the transaction. If that Broker was exceptional, hold on to that relationship for as long as you can. Expectation management is a true sign of competence. It means they understand the process, and better still, can effectively communicate it to you. For first time aspiring property owners, aside from the regular questions you’ll google asking a Realtor, take the time to see if the Broker you are interviewing has the ability to effectively communicate the process and what you can expect. It could mean the difference between aligning yourself with a heightened, pleasurable experience, or wishing you’d never tried to buy a house.